Viewpoint: The Asian crypto derivatives and leveraged trading markets are developing rapidly, and the US and European markets are restricted due to regulatory issues

For cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the growth and interest in the derivatives market will increase in 2019, as major institutions begin to support digital assets such as Bitcoin as a form of legal long-term investment. As far as derivatives markets and cryptocurrencies are concerned, different regions of Asia have now become the main hubs of the global crypto ecosystem. Joyce Yang, founder and CEO of Global Coin Research, emphasized in his blog the role of countries such as India and Singapore in Asia, "The trading market and loan market are a driving force in Asia, driving the industry forward. Over time All of this has led me to believe that Asia has one of the most powerful encryption and blockchain centers. "FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has previously stated that the Asian market is very different from the US market. In Asia, derivatives exchanges such as OKEx are more efficient in attracting retail traders than the US market, which is more suitable for financial institutions. On the market side, Joyce Yang mentioned the importance of strong regulation and how certain regulations in the US and Europe pushed more entities to the east. "To be honest, the focus of this year's trading has been derivatives and leveraged trading, which happens often and mostly in Asia. If you look at regulation, it has been inhibiting the development of US retail derivatives and futures platforms … The new regulations on crypto regulation are pushing European trading companies to Asia. "