Industry Blockchain Weekly | Blockchain project selected as a typical case of the Ministry of Justice

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As the first institutional media to propose industrial blockchain, Zinc Link has been actively promoting the implementation of industrial blockchain. Penetrate the industry's pain points through in-depth reports, listen to the industry's voices through sharing sessions, present the industry's general views through weekly reports, and show unique industry observation perspectives through comments.

This week, the blockchain case "Electronic Judicial Expertise Opinion Plays Outstanding Service and Management Effectiveness During the Epidemic" was selected as the second batch of typical cases of public legal services for epidemic prevention and control and corporate resumption of production in the Ministry of Justice; Guangzhou will promote its , Security and other fields open a batch of blockchain application scenarios; for industry enterprises to organize demonstration projects of blockchain industry application scenarios,

The following is a summary of industry blockchain news from March 27, 2020 to April 2, 2020.

Industry information and reviews

The blockchain project was selected as the second batch of typical cases of public legal services for epidemic prevention and control and corporate resumption and production resumption by the Ministry of Justice

On April 1, the Ministry of Justice released the second batch of typical cases of public legal services for epidemic prevention and control and corporate resumption of production and resumption of production. One of the cases was "electronic judicial appraisal opinions exerted outstanding service and management effectiveness during the epidemic".

The electronic judicial appraisal opinion follows the provisions of the “Electronic Signature Law of the People ’s Republic of China”, uses blockchain and other new technologies to efficiently encrypt and prevent tampering, and uses face recognition technology to confirm the identity of the appraiser and reviewer undertaking the judicial appraisal and review the judicial Issued after appraisal of submissions.

Comment: During the epidemic prevention and control, the blockchain was late but not absent. The community prevention and control, material traceability, and blockchain all played an important role.

The first industrial blockchain club opened today

This afternoon, the first industrial blockchain club co-sponsored by the Zinc Link language Zincpeng Club will open soon. It is reported that the establishment of the club aims to provide industrial blockchain entrepreneurs with better quality services that are closer to their needs, including:

Full chain industry contacts: easily find target customers, no longer need to find a needle in a haystack;

Extraordinary business awareness: from macroeconomics to insights into new market demands, business warfare is actually "information warfare";

Circle-level communication: The blockchain industry lacks a convincing "success case" in a short period of time, and communication in the same circle can break the trust gap;

Media platform: Enterprises will speak for themselves and establish the influence of the whole industry, and customers will automatically come to the door;

Entrepreneur IP creation: Every entrepreneur is an "IP" potential stock. By exporting the entrepreneur's personal influence, it penetrates into the minds of customers and creates barriers to trust.

Chengdu released 9 measures to help the development of the new economy, focusing on blockchain and other technologies

On March 31, the first conference of 2020 Chengdu New Economy, New Scene and New Product was successfully held. The conference released on the spot "Several policy measures for the opportunity to accelerate the development of the new economy" (hereinafter referred to as "policy measures"). "Policy Measures" pointed out that supporting hard-core technology breakthroughs has spawned new scenarios. Support enterprises to independently or lead the establishment of "innovation application laboratories", focusing on artificial intelligence, network collaborative manufacturing, cloud computing and big data, biotechnology, blockchain and other hard core technologies and interface standards, to carry out market-oriented application research and breakthroughs Provide technical support. For the leading enterprises undertaking the "Innovation Application Laboratory" project, the New Economy Angel Investment Fund and Social Capital can be the first investment; for those who have received the A round of financing, the New Economy Angel Investment Fund and the Technology Venture Angel Investment Fund can be followed. (

Comment: Science and technology is the main theme of future development. All regions should pay close attention to the layout and increase the penetration rate of science and technology.

French central bank soliciting digital currency experiment project

On March 27, the French central bank (Banque de France) released a call for proposals for the CBDC "experimental" application. The Bank of France said that these projects will help the Bank of France understand the risks and mechanisms of CBDC, and will also facilitate a dialogue on digital cash in the euro area.

It is reported that the experiment is divided into three stages, and will guide these projects on all aspects of CBDC issuance, including designing digital currency, analyzing its impact, and ultimately executing operations. In addition, the project will study the potential impact of CBDC on market infrastructure, monetary policy, macroeconomic factors, and legal and regulatory frameworks. Applicants must be located in the European Union, and the French Central Bank will select up to 10 candidates on July 10. (CoinDesk)

Comment: France is relatively cautious in the field of digital currency, only talking about CBDC for the first time in December last year. At present, many countries in the world have started research on central bank digital currencies, and China has made rapid progress in this field.

Sina and Wuliangye "cloud contract" will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of cutting-edge technology applications such as blockchain

On March 30, Sina and Wuliangye signed a strategic cooperation agreement to hold a "cloud conference". Both parties announced that they will conduct in-depth cooperation in the areas of brand building, new media smart marketing, and the application of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Chairman of Wuliangye Li Shuguang said that digital marketing is the unwavering direction of Wuliangye's marketing transformation. Strategic cooperation with Sina will establish a new model in consumer services, new media smart marketing, and the application of cutting-edge blockchain technology. The discovery of the value of famous wines provides a new platform. The launch of the Baijiu blockchain project is a new initiative to explore the online market, and it is a new empowerment of Sina for the innovation of China's liquor marketing model. (Securities Daily)

Comment: The digital economy empowers the wine industry. The anti-counterfeiting traceability of high-end liquor is very necessary. This is a new transformation and a new track for the liquor industry.

Guangzhou will promote the opening of a batch of blockchain application scenarios in the fields of government affairs, finance, security, etc.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology that Guangzhou City held the unveiling ceremony of the first demonstration zone for blockchain development. In the next step, Guangzhou will follow the development trend of blockchain key technologies, focusing on the development of independent innovative blockchain platform software; implement key areas of research and development plans, and organize the implementation of major scientific and technological projects around blockchain key technologies and industry key areas; implementation High-tech enterprises set standards and improve quality, and cultivate blockchain application enterprises to grow into industry benchmark enterprises; support blockchain enterprises to build engineering technology research centers, key laboratories, technology centers, adaptation verification centers, academician workstations and other research institutions; Support the development of cross-industry and cross-sector blockchain innovation application verification tests to form a batch of key standards and test cases.

At the same time, Guangzhou will promote the opening of a batch of blockchain application scenarios in the fields of government affairs, finance, security, etc .; for industry enterprises to organize demonstration projects of blockchain industry application scenarios, and select a batch of blockchains in medical health, supply chain management, Mature application and promotion of product traceability and anti-counterfeiting, network collaborative manufacturing, copyright protection transactions, and electronic evidence storage; deepen cooperation with industry leaders such as Tencent and, develop BaaS (blockchain as a service), and encourage blockchain innovation Enterprises participate in demonstration projects. (Guangzhou Daily)

Comment: Guangzhou's investment and layout in the blockchain field has always been in a leading position, and there will be new breakthroughs in the landing scene.

Byte Beat's photographer community "Graph Bug" introduces ant blockchain technology

ByteDance's photographer community "Graphworm" has introduced the ant blockchain technology to provide copyright protection services for "release and save certificates" to help platform photographers achieve work on-chain and searchable. At present, the "Graphworm" platform has 800,000 contributors and more than 2.9 million original works successfully "on-chain". On average, more than 200,000 original works are added every day, becoming the largest on-chain image confirmation platform. (Economic Network)

Comment: Copyright is an important cornerstone of the digital content industry. Blockchain technology can confirm and trace works, prevent plagiarism, and ensure originality.

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Professor of Renmin University: Blockchain technology provides an efficient public ledger system for the creation of sovereign digital currency

On April 1, Bao Jianyun, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of International Relations of Renmin University of China, and director of the International Political Economy Research Center, published "Sovereign Digital Currency, Fintech Innovation, and International Monetary System Reform-Concurrently on Digital RMB Issuance, Circulation, and Internationalization 》 The article states that blockchain technology provides an efficient public ledger system and credit management database system for the creation of sovereign digital currencies.

The development of Blockchain technology provides the technical foundation for bookkeeping credit and account management for the issuance and circulation of sovereign digital currency. In fact, Blockchain is a distributed ledger system and database system that can be shared by everyone , Blockchain technology involves modern mathematics, Internet technology, computer technology, cryptography and digital anti-counterfeiting, and many other application technologies and theoretical disciplines. With the help of blockchain technology, a global public ledger system and value of sovereign digital currency can be created Circulated database system. (Surging news)

Report: By 2025, investment in blockchain technology in the energy market will reach $ 34.7 billion

The latest report of Premium Market Insights (PMI) shows that by 2025, investment in blockchain technology in the energy market will reach $ 34.7 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 82%. (Cointelegraph)

Vice President of Alibaba Group: New digital infrastructure builds new value network and service system

On March 31, People's Network held the "Jintai Round Table" online seminar on the theme of "New Infrastructure Implementation Path in the Era of Digital Economy". Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Group, said at the meeting that the digital new infrastructure first includes a new generation of digital technologies, that is, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, blockchain, cloud computing, etc .; second, it is a data Platforms, e-commerce, logistics, finance, payment, cloud platforms, etc. are all subsidiary platforms of the new infrastructure; in addition, it is the intelligentization of physical infrastructure, and the future transportation infrastructure will be superimposed with intelligent technology. (People's Network)

People's Network Copyright Channel Director: People's Vision Network will promote the application of blockchain and other technologies in visual content

On March 31, People's Network held an online seminar on the integration and development of the "People's Vision Network" in Beijing. Bai Na, director of the People's Network Copyright Channel Department, said that People's Vision Network will promote artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies in visual content traceability and copyright. The technical service capabilities and content review and rights protection capabilities in protection, on-chain certificate storage, communication tracking, etc., relying on the seven advantages and brand characteristics of People's Network's unique operating services, gather and strengthen the cooperation of resources from all parties in the industry to become the highest quality original visual content. Providers, bigger and stronger visual content original aggregation service ability, audit risk control ability, professional training ability, technology improvement ability, transaction monetization ability, forming a strong market competitiveness and public opinion guidance in the visual content industry. (People's Network)

This week's sharing session review-Yu Xiao, CEO of Heyue Technology

  • From the perspective of technical characteristics, blockchain technology presents a brand-new regulatory-friendly architecture. Traditional technical supervision and supervision are inherently binary and independent. It is difficult to achieve good results in efficiency and depth, and the cost will be high.
  • Financial infrastructure has two core functions. One is to carry value, whether it is funds or other securities. The second is to conduct value transfer and settlement. Compared with traditional technologies, blockchain has technical features such as distributed architecture, tamper resistance, easy auditing, high transparency, strong reliability, and automatic execution of smart contracts, which makes value carrying and value transfer settlement present a brand new Technical paradigm.