Video | Chen Xiaohua: Two attributes, six dimensions, and one center of the blockchain

What is blockchain? What is the development stage and future prospects of the blockchain? What can it bring us? These doubts about the blockchain have been haunting the public. In this issue of the "Deconstruction" column co-produced by Ou Ke Group B-LABS, we have invited Chen Xiaohua, the chief blockchain economics expert and director of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications National University Science and Technology Park Institute of Financial Science and Technology, to solve the problems one by one.

What is blockchain?

"Two attributes, six dimensions, one center", Mr. Chen Xiaohua summarized the connotation of blockchain. Blockchain has the dual attributes of technology and finance. It will carry out in-depth industrial integration in the six dimensions of digital finance, social governance, social credit system construction, technological supervision, technological innovation and industrial application. With blockchain economy as the center, it will become An important part of the future digital economy.

Where is the current development of blockchain?

Chen Xiaohua believes that academia and industry have reached a preliminary consensus on the development stage of blockchain. From the 1.0 stage marked by the announcement of the Bitcoin system, the 2.0 stage of Ethereum, the 3.0 stage featuring exploratory applications, and then to the 4.0 stage of his prospects-digital finance and industrial applications run side by side, merge, and build a Trust's blockchain ecology is the future blockchain economy. Like the development path and trajectory of the Internet's germination, growth and maturity, we can also glimpse the future vigorous trend of the blockchain.

How to increase public awareness of blockchain?

Every emerging technology is inevitably subject to misunderstandings and even prejudices. It is particularly important to expound its infinite possibilities in the future and give the public scientific awareness to enhance social confidence. Carrying out education and training to train a group of blockchain talents, holding academic forums to expand awareness, establishing industry associations to promote and standardize the development of blockchain, etc. have become important ways for the public to recognize and accept blockchain technology.

How to recognize the value brought by blockchain?

"Turning our data and behavior into value and changing production relations", in the eyes of Mr. Chen Xiaohua, this is the most attractive point of blockchain technology. In the future, data will become an important asset and income, and for its "confirmation of power", to establish the boundary to which the data belongs, the blockchain can play a huge role. Some existing intellectual property disputes will be greatly improved by the application of blockchain technology. Of course, the convenience that the blockchain will bring to the public in the fields of medical care, education, transportation, etc. in the future is also worth expecting.

What is deconstruction?

"Deconstructing Inside Blockchain " is a high-end dialogue and interview program based on the blockchain field , produced by the cooperation of B-LABS, a joint venture space and Lvshi live of Ouke Group.

The content of the column is rooted in a large number of influential companies and people in the field of blockchain, aiming to output abundant, high-quality and high-end discourse resources. Based on the discussion of today's industry concerns and trends, it brings people the most forward-looking and valuable information.