Babbitt evening news at a glance

1. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Author: If the government made money, should be used to purchase gold, silver and Bitcoin.

2.Compound general counsel: There are too many descriptions of "fraud" in ICO, and some projects are just doomed to fail in business concepts.

3. Data: The exchange's net bitcoin inflows have declined.

4. Survey report: 57% of traditional trading companies trade Bitcoin derivatives and 29% trade Ethereum derivatives.

5. Willy Woo: The profit margin of minted new coins is at an all-time low, which is a good sign of bottoming out.

6. Viewpoint: The Asian crypto derivatives and leveraged trading markets are developing rapidly, and the US and European markets are restricted due to regulatory issues.

7. Report: 97% of traditional companies are considering trading digital assets in the next two years.