Blockchain platform LBRY aims to be a decentralized alternative to YouTube

LBRY is a new open source platform based on blockchain for sharing digital content. As a decentralized alternative to YouTube, it is gaining popularity, but LBRY is not just a video sharing service. The core of LBRY is a new P2P, decentralized file sharing and payment network protocol based on blockchain technology. Anyone can build applications based on the LBRY protocol to interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Users can use the LBRY platform to watch videos, listen to music and read e-books. Content creators can use LBRY to share digital content such as videos, music, images, podcasts, e-books, etc. Unlike YouTube, LBRY does not serve ads by tracking user activity. LBRY is free, if users log on to the network, they will not see any ads on their websites. Users can complete the tasks such as watching videos on LBRY to receive cryptocurrency LBC rewards, or use LBC to reward content creators. LBRY is still in its early stages, but its team is working hard to become a viable alternative to YouTube.