After Bitmain updates Antminer E3 firmware, the mining cycle can be extended to October

According to the official ETC news on March 25, Bitmain recently released Antminer E3 new firmware to extend the ETC mining cycle, which can be downloaded on its official website. At the time, altcoin 2Miners said that this delay was only temporary, and ETC mining will still stop later this year, when the DAG file capacity limit will be reached. On April 5, ETC's official Twitter reposted the blog post published by Bitmain on March 30. According to the article, thanks to the new firmware, Antminer E3 used for ETH and ETC mining can continue to mine in the foreseeable future. The new firmware is designed to better support Antminer E3, so Bitmain believes that miners can continue to use the hardware after April 2020. With the update of the new firmware, the final approximate block height of Antminer E3 is 11400000. According to calculations, mining can continue until October 2020.