Viewpoint: Binance ’s acquisition of CMC is based on two key factors, and the acquisition will help it expand the US market

Binance recently announced the acquisition of CoinMarketCap, which will continue to operate as an independent entity. In this regard, Erick Pinos, head of the US ecosystem of the public blockchain project and distributed trust collaboration platform Ontology, said that similar company acquisitions that Binance has carried out in the past have continued to operate as independent entities. However, he also admitted that most of these projects eventually integrated one or more of Binance's native products into its core service portfolio. For example, the multi-currency wallet Trust Wallet added Binance DEX after it was acquired. Pinos further stated: "I can imagine that there will be more links to Binance throughout the CMC, which may encourage users to register Binance to trade the tokens they are viewing. If CMC's ranking is biased towards Binance, the community will soon You will find it. I think we are likely to see Binance integrate slightly for a longer period of time. " CEO Jason Wu said that Binance has been looking for ways to penetrate the US market. The acquisition of CMC will help Binance expand its US user base. The acquisition will also help CMC's development in other regions. According to Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix DLT, Binance acquired CMC mainly because of two key factors: customer acquisition and data flow.