Qingdao West Coast New District Strengthens the Use of Blockchain Intellectual Property and Helps the Development of High-Quality Industries

On April 6, the reporter learned from the Qingdao West Coast New Area that as of now, the entire Qingdao West Coast New Area has completed the summary of the 2019 patent award projects for SME intellectual property rights (patents) that have not been filled, involving 108 SMEs, 4 A total of 8.6036 million yuan in colleges and universities. The "Internet + Intellectual Property Service" platform relies on the "Zhu Ba Jie" Pan-Northeast Asia Intellectual Property Operation Center to strengthen the use of the Internet and blockchain in intellectual property services, and improve the creation, protection and use of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademark creation and overseas layout System, work with enterprises to formulate an innovative and high-quality development roadmap, fully empower enterprise innovation with housekeeping services, and help the high-quality development of West Coast industries.