Researcher of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: It is recommended to focus on the development of new application technologies such as blockchain

On April 6, Xiao Rongmei and Huo Peng of the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published an article "Using the Industrial Internet as the Key to Promote the Modernization of the Manufacturing Industry Chain" in the Journal of Changsha University. The article points out that it is recommended that the system layout of basic technology, common technology and integration technology research and development and industrialization, the focus is to rely on market-oriented innovation carriers such as industrial parks, industrial alliances, innovation centers, open source communities, and guide all parties in the industrial chain to cooperate in basic software Core chips, operating systems and other basic common technologies, as well as the research and development of basic technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, digital twins, and edge computing and new application technologies, consolidate the technical support capabilities of the modernization of the industrial chain.