Yahoo Finance's crypto-related index "Top Crypto Bets" outperformed the S & P 500 in March

According to The Daily Hodl, although the global economic outlook is not optimistic, new data shows that the performance of companies related to the cryptocurrency industry is far better than the S & P 500 index. Yahoo Finance is tracking top companies and stocks with cryptocurrency exposures such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The latest data shows that crypto companies with a market value of $ 1 billion or more performed significantly better than the S & P 500 index in March because the panic about the outbreak of the new crown virus triggered a massive sell-off in global stock markets. The 14 companies included in Yahoo's "Top Crypto Bets" include Microsoft, Visa, Square, Goldman Sachs, Overstock, Nvidia and PayPal. Overall, the single-month returns of these companies in March were 35.62%, far better than the S & P 500 index, which fell 12.51% over the same period. BTC + 5.28%