Report: Jianan Technology has an intrinsic value of US $ 2.21, and its stock price is overvalued by 30%

Standard Consensus released the "Jianan Yunzhi Research Report", which reported that the target price of Jianan Technology was 2.21 US dollars. It is understood that the current stock price of Jianan Technology (Nasdaq trading symbol CAN) is US $ 2.88, which is 30% higher than the estimated price in the report. It has a net loss of US $ 1.8 million in 2018 and US $ 33.1 million in the first three quarters of 2019 The inability to generate positive cash flow from operating activities will greatly affect financing costs.

The report also pointed out that although Jianan Yunzhi announced that the first three quarters of 2019's performance growth was lower than expected, the growth rate of the entire industry is also declining due to the Bitcoin bear market. However, the company's free cash flow and revenue both declined significantly, along with higher cost of sales. There may be a slight decline in the future.