Babbitt morning bus | Overnight news at a glance

1. Kyrgyzstan plans to increase the electricity price of crypto mining companies.

2. Binance was subject to a class action lawsuit in the United States, and lawyers said the case was unlikely to be rejected.

3. YouTube scam in the name of Coinbase CEO.

4. Nestlé introduces blockchain to its Zogas coffee brand.

5. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a "digital court" based on blockchain.

6. Microsoft warns: Dozens of hospitals in the United States are facing attacks from Bitcoin ransomware.

7. BitMEX operators donated $ 400,000 to Shadowserver, a network security non-profit organization.

8. Jiaozuo City Federation of Industry and Commerce: Aiming at cutting-edge knowledge such as blockchain to carry out private enterprise learning and training activities.