Crypto trader: Someone got 4.2085 bitcoins on Coinbase for only 18 cents

A crypto trader and technical analyst said he found a major mistake while browsing orders from the major US crypto exchange Coinbase. The analyst, alias Captain Scio, released a picture of the exchange ’s trading history on Sunday, showing that someone had earned 4.2085 bitcoins for just 18 cents. Although Coinbase has not issued a statement regarding abnormal transactions or confirmed whether the transactions were actually carried out, the company stated that it reserves the right to cancel any transaction related to major technical errors. This is not the first time a trader has discovered a major price failure on Coinbase. As early as January of this year, it was reported that Coinbase, which was issued separately, brought the price of XRP to $ 8341, and in December 2018, traders found that Coinbase Pro (formerly known as GDAX) had a flash crash, allowing traders to use $ 13 The price of buying Ethereum.