Maker Foundation launches 13 improvement proposals for the first time to further enhance decentralization

According to official news, on April 6, the Maker Foundation announced the launch of the first 13 Maker improvement proposals, aimed at further enhancing the decentralization of MakerDAO. MIP0 is the first proposal among them, which stipulates the framework of MIP; MIP1 to MIP5 focus on core governance and define the key governance structure, long-term governance process and how to organize and execute voting; MIP6 to MIP12 are related to the collateral introduction process Based on independent collateral introduction documents created by the community, these proposals provide an end-to-end framework to scale the collateral introduction process. At the same time, the Maker Foundation will initiate a special governance vote after 21 days. At that time, MakerDAO users can choose to approve the 13 MIPs or postpone the 13 MIPs for a month for further improvement.