Yao Qian: In-depth research and proper application of blockchain can provide effective technical support for winning the epidemic battle

Yao Qian, director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission's Science and Technology Supervision Bureau, said that technology is an important means of fighting the new crown epidemic. Proper use of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, supercomputers, robots, drones, infrared detection, Internet of Things, intelligent logistics and other technical tools can enhance our ability and courage to "hit hard" with viruses. The article focuses on the blockchain and discusses its possible role and value in combating the new crown epidemic from four aspects: trusted donations, trusted health codes, cash digitization, and new infrastructure construction. Blockchain is a brand-new information network architecture, the prototype of a new generation of information infrastructure, and the foundation of a new type of value exchange, a distributed collaborative production mechanism, and a new algorithmic economic model. It has the advantages of being difficult to tamper with, traceable, traceable, safe and credible, heterogeneous and multi-active, and intelligent execution. Its in-depth research and proper application can provide effective technical support for winning the epidemic.