The Secret History of Bitcoin: The bitter Bitcoin puzzles of those years

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Author: LucyCheng

Continuing the tradition of crypto-punk likes to play performance art when nothing happens, since the birth of Bitcoin, picture-taking guessing games containing cryptocurrency assets have emerged in endlessly. For example, in the upper left corner of the picture below, the oil painting "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto" was released in the upper left corner of the three years before it was taken away by 5 BTC.The upper right corner is full of random words and numbers and contains a bitcoin picture. A $ 1,000 street mural, and the puzzle game Gem Rose Accent, which earns 1 BTC for successful customs clearance …

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With the increase in guessing games, some community members later established the r / bitcoinpuzzles section on Reddit to summarize most of the puzzles in the field. Among them, the one that caused the most repercussions is that in 2018, a small riddle of riddles of puzzles rewarded up to 310 BTC. At the time, in order to get this bonus worth over 14 million yuan, both technical whites, ordinary gamers and cryptography masters came to the scene and actively responded to the challenge initiated by Reddit anonymous netizen Pip.

Reddit's self-proclaimed Pip user launched the Bitcoin challenge at

According to the data of the puzzle publishing site bitcoinchallenge.coded /, the game has a total of four puzzles, with rewards of 0.1 BTC, 0.2 BTC, 0.31 BTC, and the final prize of 310 BTC. Under the enthusiasm of everyone, less than two days after the puzzle was released, the challenger named Lustre cracked the first level and transferred 0.1 BTC.

Judging from the decrypted video released by Lustre, cracking the first level must first find the QR code hidden in the picture, obtain the web page address contained in it, and get in touch with the publisher before entering the second stage of puzzle solving. Then Lustre used the 3 * 6 table and hidden date information given in the picture, through verification and reasoning, and finally restored the 12 mnemonic words of the bonus address, and successfully opened the wallet.

The specific problem-solving process of the first level of the puzzle (Source: Youtube)

After Lustre, less than a week later, the ultimate prize was also taken away. And magically, this lucky person skipped the third level, went directly to crack the fourth level, and successfully obtained 310 Bitcoins. Except for Lustre, other puzzle solvers did not publish their own relevant information, so it is unknown whether the same solver received all the rewards in the end. As for the complete decryption process and why the third level can be skipped, the publisher Pip is not willing to say more; just to tell everyone that "310 BTC" is his first experiment, and he will create a Many similar challenges.

Not only that, Pip said eloquently: "My bitcoin soon became a treasure chest. I do n’t want to provide specific numbers here, but I can tell you that bitcoin changed my life. The most important thing is, The Bitcoin airdrop model was created. I think it ’s good to give these things to others in the world because I do n’t need them. This is just for fun. "

Although we haven't waited for Pip's next game so far, big and small puzzles will appear every one or two months on r / bitcoinpuzzles. But in front of these puzzles that have gathered a lot of cryptography and advanced mathematics, the ordinary onlookers are limited to eating melons.