Millions of people watched, and the entire industry participated heavily. This cloud summit is stirring the "online rivers and lakes" of the blockchain

In this epidemic, everyone was forced to isolate at home, and the offline summit of the blockchain world disappeared.

However, the Babbitt Global Partner Cloud Summit (hereinafter referred to as the Babbitt Cloud Summit ) suddenly appeared in the online world. It not only raised a clear banner for the blockchain to continue to toss, but also set off a new gameplay in the blockchain world: in Cloud, gather all industry resources such as investment, mining, trading, public chain, etc., use the rich content of 12+ themed forums, use novel forms of video + text, bombard in turn, wait for the wind to come, ride the wind, and join the whole industry to meet Half a year, once every four years.

Just as Douyin and live broadcasting have become the new ways to see the world, the Babbitt Cloud Summit unlocks the “cloud era” of blockchain: the virtual world can still be fun and lively.

Today, more than half of the "schedule" of this cloud summit has become an online carnival for millions of practitioners. How to play at Babbitt Cloud Summit? What other exciting programs did not appear? Who can be the whole Koi? Let's feel it together.

"Shuangpi milk" started, the live room was commented and the red envelope screen

On March 16, this is the 4th day after the epic plunge of 312. The Babbitt Cloud Summit debuted. It flashed through the cloud of sorrow that enveloped the blockchain world.

The well-known “double-skin milk combination” in the currency circle (very skinny, I like milk bitcoin) is the first to win. Xiong Yue, Dean of the Coin Trust Research Institute and Dovey (Wan Hui), founding partner of Primitive Ventures, are far away from each other, but live on the video On the same platform in China, the cognitive collision between investors and economists can be imagined.

For example, Wan Hui broke the secret behind the halving in 2020 and the 312 plunge: futures or contracts dominate, unilateral market is no longer, once the long-short ratio changes, the price may cause free fall movement. There is no fuse mechanism, there is no Yang Ma rescued, the free market has exacerbated trampling.

For example, Xiong Yue believes that Bitcoin is Noah ’s Ark, but it cannot make money on it during the crisis.

In the wonderful exposition, watching the user's comments directly swipe the screen, and the red envelopes from the user exploded and cracked in the live broadcast time and time again.

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"Double skin milk" combination

The mining ecology is all gathered, and the top players say "half cheats"

Immediately following the "Double Skin Milk" came the "Mining Dream Team" composed of the top players in the four sub-sectors of today's mining industry: Yang Xiao, Zhuang Zhong, Chen Lei and Lorry, who respectively represent mining machines, mining pools and mining farms And mining research institutions.

As a group of people most sensitive to currency prices, their sincere sharing made the audience see the real choice of mining in the halving market for the first time, which was very enjoyable.

For example, they say that the mining industry is "worried, halving production and halving the price of currency. This is an unprecedented big shuffle. But will they surrender? No. Unlike speculators who chase up and down, they use Appropriate entry time, appropriate financial means, etc., to smooth the risk, they are more optimistic about Bitcoin's long-term investment return.

This live broadcast attracted 30,000 people to log in to watch. At the same time, the traffic volume of the main venue of the Cloud Summit exceeded 100,000. Among the nearly 1,000 communities such as Babbitt and link points, many people were the first to hear about the mining industry. "Cheats of Crossing".

After that, RRMine / Renren Mine Global CEO Zou Yongcheng and four heavyweight guests once again focused on mining. How do half-old miners respond to the "special market" in 2020? It is enough to listen to this live broadcast.

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Global Resonance, Lightning Network "Big Three" Meets for the First Time

On March 26, Babbitt Cloud Summit ushered in the first "international station special", the three giants of the lightning network were on the same stage for the first time. They were Samson Mow, chief strategy officer of Blockstream (c-lightning development team), and CEO of ACINQ (éclair development team) Pierre-Marie, and Alex Bosworth, the head of the Lightning Network Infrastructure at Lightning Labs and CEO of

Not only did they answer all questions from the Chinese community about the Lightning Network, they also provided an international perspective to interpret the future direction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin under the global epidemic.

This activity not only brought domestic communities up-to-date with the first-hand information of the Lightning Network, it also set off a wave of discussion on the Lightning Network in overseas communities through the Babbitt International Station.

In the end, Babbitt organized the AMA into 4D long texts, which is the most detailed "Wikipedia" that the Chinese community understands the Lightning Network today.

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é—ªç ”µç½'ç» œâ € œä¸ ‰ å · ¨å¤´â € é¦–æ¬¡é½ è šï¼Œä¸ ‡ å—è§ £ è¯ »é—ªç” µç½'ç »œä¸ ŽåŠ'å¯ † å¸‚åœºçš „æœªæ ¥

Millions of annual salary blessings, cloud employment will make the three major exchanges rob people on the same stage

The Babbitt Cloud Summit is not only "cognitive sharing", but also "selling people" online.

On March 25, a video live broadcast of "Job Recruitment-Blockchain Cloud Recruitment" hosted by 8 asked Jia Xiaobie, 60 heads including Huobi, OKEX, Binance, Biyuan Chain, Findora, Zhongdianbit, etc. Blockchain companies grab people online.

This is by far the most interesting live broadcast of blockchain. First, the HR from the company first introduced the company's culture and job requirements, and then the job seeker "Lianmai" took the stage to show his style.

On the same day, Mr. Lin, who was studying for a master's degree at the School of Computer Science and Technology of Zhejiang University, attracted a lot of attention. After 5 minutes of self-introduction, the HRs on the field lit up and launched a battle for looting.

The same technology tycoon than the original chain CTO James repeatedly asked questions, the two were very hot to talk about the blockchain technology, commented on the direct frypot, a series of "inaudible" "high energy in front" "fire tongs Liu Ming" on the live page Gallop.

It is a pity that Mr. Lin is most fond of Finadora, which makes the recruitment of HR in Finadora laughed.

This "job-to-work exchange" in the blockchain industry attracted a total of nearly 400 resumes, and the audience watching this live broadcast actually reached 22886 people.

Today, the live broadcast is over, the exclusive page of "Blockchain Cloud Employment" has been opened during the Babbitt Cloud Summit, and resumes from around the world are constantly flying. If you are interested in blockchain, you can still join it. Babbitt and Lianren International will open the door to the blockchain job search for you.

Blockchain cloud employment association job search entrance:

Grand prizes are kept non-stop, looking for tuyere koi

The Babbitt Cloud Summit is too hot, which is naturally related to the gathering of industry head guests, the hottest topics, the most novel gameplay, and the strongest traffic, but the contribution of the grand prize must not be ignored!

At this time, ChainNode will cooperate with BTM, BiBull, EAS, BTCC, Coin Seal, AEX, GXChain, Aladdin and other projects. During each online live broadcast and after the event, an attractive event lottery will be launched, and koi gift packages will be randomly sent .

Not only can you see the development trend of the industry, lock in the investment opportunity of Bitcoin halving, but also get benefits such as token airdrop, why not?

Summit map

Say goodbye to March and welcome April. What other exciting activities does the Babbitt Cloud Summit have? Landed on the " official website " of the cloud summit, gathered with millions of practitioners, and resonated with the blockchain era.

15 million traffic support, 15 popular KOL set off a wave of live streaming on the blockchain

Time to be determined

In March, "The Queen of Carrying Goods on the Chain" was unveiled. This is a unique live broadcast section of the blockchain industry! It will also land on platforms such as Yun Xi, Yi Live, Douyin, B Station Live, and Betta. At that time, the resident host Jia Xiaobie will join the 15 most popular KOLs in the industry to endorse and bring goods for the industry's high-quality products.

At present, many rounds of sea elections for the host of the Queen of Goods on the Chain have been completed. Many well-known and talented young ladies and sisters have joined the Goods Carrying Team. In April, they will be on the stage.

Are you willing to pay for them? Can they become the old Luo, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi of the blockchain industry? Stay tuned!

Bring goods

The third session of the mining summit: mountains and rivers, colorful clouds fluttering, the evolution of the mining industry!

Time: 14:00 on April 7

This is the final battle of the mining field of Babbitt Cloud Summit! Lu Lei, founder of Caiyunbit, Li Mine, co-founder of Bitmain, and Mint, the founder of Marvel Capital, will make their debut.

After many bulls and bears, and seeing countless changes, how do the seniors stay in the mining circle? How to find a new continent? The theory of mining evolution, inheriting the past and revealing the past and future of the mining circle for you!

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Dialogue with MOV, DeFi2020-how to move from open application to open ecosystem?

Time: 14:00 on April 9

On March 30, MOV was officially launched. What is MOV? Why is the BV team focusing on MOV? How does MOV become the next generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol? How do ordinary users play MOV?

On April 9th, Chang Cheng, Lang Yu, and Li Zong took the stage one by one. This will be the first time that the core team of the original chain will face-to-face with the community after the MOV is released. All questions about the original chain and MOV, waiting for you to ask!

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To break the bottleneck of DeFi development, where is the open financial path?

Time: 14:00 on April 13

3.12 Under extreme market conditions, DeFi has almost become a target. The three major issues of liquidity, risk control and governance are exposed one by one. Is DeFi a false proposition or a real future? Who can become the next generation of DeFi infrastructure? Where is the open financial path?

This live broadcast invited 5 heavy projects of the DeFi track, they are The Force Protocol, MakerDAO, Chainlink, IRISnet and Biyuan Chain. At that time, the project leader will gather at the Cloud Summit to discuss DeFi's blueprint for 2020.

About DeFi, it takes two hours and listen to how they tell!

Even if the world is shut down, the blockchain will never sleep.

This spring, there was no lively offline summit, no exchange seminars gathered by big coffees, no meeting for the project that I was thinking about, and no one even organized the dinner …

However, there is nothing to stop, we pursue the ideal freedom!

The wind is resurging 2020-Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit will gather all resources such as Babbitt Information, Chain Node Community, Babbitt Academy, Babbitt Accelerator, Lianzuo, etc., and link the industry's best resources.

With 12+ theme forums, millions of vertical users covered, tens of millions of traffic blessings, the strongest voice of the blockchain for the year of halving in 2020, completely detonated from March to May.

When the wind rises again, when the wind rises. More topics need to be announced, and are you ready?


1. Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit :

2. After the cloud summit, from June to December, Babbitt will start the offline summit process. For more details on the linkage between online and offline, please stay tuned.

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