Media: Analyst Mansasuma said the surrender of miners is happening, and his views are controversial

Despite the high bullish momentum, analyst Mansasuma said, "The HashRibbons indicator shows that the surrender of miners is happening, just as we speak. Although you can also get a sell signal through HashRibbons in a bull market, those settings are in the moving average (MA ) And there is no strong divergence; if it does, we will see a similar decline in deaths as in 2018. We now have the same settings. "The Beincrypto article said that this view is controversial. Most of the crypto industry is bullish for the rest of the year, and many believe that the "bottom" is on March 12. At that time, even some long-term holders sold BTC during the panic. When evaluating the short-term value of Bitcoin, there are two points to consider. On the one hand, there are internal factors such as mining profitability and the upcoming halving. However, on the other hand, in this global economic crisis, some macroeconomic factors are currently at the forefront and central position. At least it can be said that it is difficult to balance these two factors to assess future market trends. Therefore, short-term forecasts are as unstable as the market itself. Bitcoin has always been associated with SP 500, but it is currently going through an unprecedented era. If miners surrender and use this rise to lock in profits, then the market will need a lot of new capital to absorb this selling pressure. But so far, this bearish expectation has been broken by our current bullish reality: Bitcoin once broke $ 7,400 today.