Babbitt Cloud Summit | Lu Lei: Mining is the Red Sea in the circle and the Blue Sea in the circle

On April 7th, in the wind resurgence · 2020-Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit, Lui Lei, the founder of Caiyunbit, shared that Bitcoin mining is the Red Sea in the circle and the Blue Sea in the circle. The Red Sea in the circle means that earlier, mining was a race track for a small group of people, but today, exchanges, miners, and major platforms have entered the mining industry, and mining competition has become more intense. The blue ocean outside the circle means that the cash flow from mining is relatively healthy, and domestic policies are relatively loose, making it easier to standardize and corporatize operations. In the circle, the one-year payback is considered to be very long, but it is a very good return on investment for traditional industries. Therefore, mining is attracting more traditional capital into it. Lu Lei believes that there are still many opportunities for mining. Click the link to watch the live broadcast: