Maker Foundation CEO: Our job is to support any decision made by the community

In an interview, Rune Christensen, CEO of the Maker Foundation, responded to why the Maker Foundation does not directly compensate users who suffered unfair liquidation during the "Black Thursday". Rune Christensen explained: "The most important thing about DeFi is that it is unlicensed, open, and decentralized. There is no need to ask anyone ’s permission to use DeFi. This also means that when something is unexpected, the Foundation does The decision is not correct. I think that if the Maker Foundation guarantees the financial system, it will violate the whole purpose of 'DeFi'. The foundation does participate in the formulation of the agreement, but the foundation is not operating this system … if the foundation is involved and decides to take some arbitrary action, it will be a huge mistake, and that is not what the foundation should do at all. The Maker Foundation knew very well from the beginning that we are here In this case, the job is to support any decision of the community. "