Analysis of the madman market on May 5: What is the nature of this round of rising?

Analysis of the madman market on May 5: What is the nature of this round of rising?

The essence of the current round of market rise is the USDT thunder, the BTC/USDT price increase caused by continued depreciation, that is, the BTC caused by the denominator USDT price cut. The current situation is that TEDA still has not made up the bad debt of 850 million USD, but Bitfinex intends to issue platform coins worth more than $1 billion, which makes the market think that bnet intends to rely on platform coins to fill the gaps in bad debts, in order to maintain the position of USDT in the currency's largest stable currency, and the institution that issued stable currency is equivalent. The central bank can print banknotes at will, and its status is much higher than that of ordinary project parties. Naturally, there is no need to say more about profitability. Therefore, this bad debt must also be blocked. The future benefits will still be greatly increased.

Since the b-platform platform white paper was issued yesterday, the madman clearly saw the decline of bitcoin and the rise of USDT. Bitcoin fell back from 5900 to 5600, and USDT rose from 6.6 to 6.75. The market proved these two days. The correctness of the above two-stage reasoning logic indicates that the market unanimously expects the USDT thunder to lead to the rise of Bitcoin, and the end of the thunderstorm is expected due to the b-net. Then the rising logic of this round of bitcoin is gone, and the technical indicators are not healthy. The madman believes that the rebound of this round of bitcoin has come to an end!

Market analysis


Bitcoin is the leading currency in this round of rebound. When bitcoin rises, mainstream currency often does not win bitcoin. When bitcoin falls, mainstream currency tends to fall more than bitcoin. This is a manifestation of insufficient market capitalization. It shows that the USDT thunder has only the greatest impact on the rise and fall of Bitcoin, which is in line with people's perception of Bitcoin and investment logic.

At present, Bitcoin is still running above the 5th line. After falling back to the 5th line yesterday, it gained some support. It rebounded slightly today, but from the hourly chart, the shipment behavior is still going on. The willingness of the main attack 6000 has come. The smaller. Other mainstream currencies have not rebounded sharply, and Bitcoin has been suspected of covering other currencies. Therefore, we should continue to lighten up at a high level. There is no upside logic, and the maintenance of the currency price will become a strong end.

As long as Bitcoin does not fall below the 5-day line, there is also the momentum of inertia upside, so don't go short. If you have to operate the fishtail market, once the volume falls below the 5-day line, remember the stop loss. The upward trend should not be easy. But you should maximize your focus on risk.


Yesterday fell sharply, and today's weak rebound, the overall market is still weak, no need to participate.


The low position continued to weaken and swayed, still linking the pie.


The volume of the stocks fell back and was shipped continuously yesterday. Today, there is no rebound in quantity. The whole is still in the state of shipment and should not be easily involved.


In the recent market, the leading currency, once shipped yesterday, has another small fund replenishment today, but the big probability is to rebound and continue to sell.


Weak rebound and no participation.


Still, the pie is still linked, but the medium and long-term line continues to be optimistic, and the capital attention is high.

The coins continue to have no emotions, do not participate, and the platform coins are basically in the armpits. Before the exchange has no new gameplay, the platform coins are hard to make any effort, so don’t participate, the mainstream currency ends with the logic of bitcoin’s rise. Probability will not be very good, so on the whole, we continue to control risk.

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