OKEx investment research: Although the trend broke through the consolidation zone, but still need to pay attention to the effectiveness of the step back on the $ 7000 support

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European market, BTC temporarily reported $ 7341.5 (2.73%). BTC continued to consolidate above $ 6,700 last weekend. It once again broke through $ 7,000 yesterday and reached a high before the breakthrough this morning. After touching $ 7,460, it was under pressure and is now in adjustment. OKEx analyst Neo believes that as the recent trend callback low is firmly above $ 6,700, it may mean that the long-selling quilt cover of the long funds is gradually being arbitrage, but subject to the recent market sentiment has not completely shake off the downturn, the lack of trading volume The qualitative improvement, so even if the currency price has a possibility of stagnation and fall at any time after the high of $ 7300 before the breakthrough, not to mention the area of ​​$ 7500 ~ 7950 is near the neckline of the chip-intensive area at the bottom of the stage in late 2019. The resistance makes the probability of short-term currency prices hit a new high low. If the short-term trend enters a correction after it can stabilize above $ 7,000, it means that the bulls are gradually strong. On the contrary, if it falls again below $ 7,000, or the market continues to correct. Signals of the previous oversold trend. ETH recently got rid of the downturn. With the increase in the amount of purchased funds, the bulls have some signs of recovery. They have risen by more than 13% in 24 hours. They are now under pressure from the strong resistance of $ 180. From the current trend, they have reached the highest point. Within a single hour, it ended with a very long inverted hammer in the upper shadow line, and the resistance above was strong. Investors should pay attention to the short-term correction rate, and stand firm at $ 165 or continue to be bullish. Risk warning: There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.