Shunyi District of Beijing took the lead in promoting the application of “blockchain electronic license” on Xiachen Town Street

According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal People's Government today, the Shunyi District Administrative Service Bureau of Beijing, based on the completed heald window system, sorted out the high-frequency matters of the town street one by one, and selected Niulanshan Town, Liqiao Town, Guangming Street, etc. 5 Each territory is a pilot, promoting the application of six types of electronic licenses such as ID cards and marriage certificates to Shenzhen Street. Residents do not need to bring six types of licenses when dealing with high-frequency matters in 19 town streets such as the replacement of social security cards and the registration of old-age insurance for urban and rural residents. Original and photocopy. At the same time, it is planned to be fully rolled out in various town streets in April.