Merkle RO (MRO) project introduction, CoinEgg Preem launched Merkle RO (MRO)

Merkle RO (MRO) project introduction, CoinEgg Preem launched Merkle RO (MRO)

Dear CoinEgg users:


CoinEgg Preem will be officially launched on May 5th, Hong Kong time, Merkle RO (MRO), CoinEgg Preem will be carried out in a redemption manner, only support for webpage APP does not support.

Participation method:

1. Complete primary authentication (KYC)

2. Ensure that the ET holdings in the account are not less than 100

Special note: The strike transaction is only available to users and countries supported by the COINEGG platform.

After the start of the rush, please go to the exclusive trading area to participate; the rush to follow the market price transaction, first come first served, grab the last rule; no transaction fee during the period of the rush

Introduction to Merkle RO (MRO):

Merkle RO is a blockchain-based decentralized distributed sharing system for forming and executing storage contracts between end-to-end, negotiating contracts, transmitting data, and verifying remote data integrity on Merkle RO. Provide usability, retrieve data and content addresses. By optimizing block spacing, block size and consistency algorithms, Merkle RO can theoretically achieve 1000 TPS of usable performance. As a core part of the platform, Merkle RO links all terminals, so all network endpoints can act not only as a browser or client, but also as an operator of the network. Everyone can be a server.

Token distribution:

50% of ecological construction does not have a lock-up period, which is used for early construction. After the line is online, unlock the remaining 10% of the part every year (about 5 years to unlock)

10% of wind control construction is used for wind control fund processing, and there is no special case for continuous lock

Basic technical operation and maintenance costs 5% As a whole project technical operation and maintenance costs, 10% release per quarter

Market operation 30% CoinEgg Preem snapped up 4%, circulation accounted for 20%, and the rest were unlocked at 10% per quarter.

5% of the statutory fee makes MRO legal review, multi-national legal license is supported

White paper:


Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your investment ability and risk tolerance, and make investment decisions prudently.

CoinEgg team

April 28, 2019

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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