Hangzhou has included local laws and regulations that empower the city ’s brain to govern urban governance as a key legislative project, accelerating the creation of the “National Digital Governance First City”

According to the Zhejiang Daily, a few days ago, a reporter learned from relevant Hangzhou departments that the formulation of local laws and regulations on urban brain empowerment and urban governance has been included in this year ’s key legislative project of the Standing Committee of the Hangzhou Municipal People ’s Congress. Hangzhou regards epidemic prevention and control as a major opportunity to forcibly improve urban governance capabilities, continue to deepen the application of urban brains, strengthen digitally empowered urban governance, and inject strong momentum into building the "National Digital Governance First City".

Strive to take the first step and lead the way in the construction of new-type infrastructure. Hangzhou will create favorable conditions for accelerating the industrial layout of big data, blockchain, 5G commercial and other industries, relying on the city ’s brain to create several new infrastructure industry clusters, actively cultivate new economic growth points, and form new competitive advantages to “new infrastructure” It is an opportunity to comprehensively improve the digital level of economic operation and urban governance.