The first batch of Beijing electronic license blockchain pilot applications landed in Dongcheng District

According to Beijing Dongcheng's official announcement, the first batch of applications for the Beijing Electronic License Blockchain Pilot has settled in Dongcheng District a few days ago. Through blockchain technology, data materials have been shared and business processes have been optimized to make it easier for the people and enterprises. The first batch of pilots launched 7 types of high-frequency electronic license applications, including ID cards, household registration books, residence permits, driving licenses, marriage and divorce certificates, and business licenses. It is reported that Dongcheng District will give full play to the characteristics of the blockchain, and successively launch more types of electronic license applications involving more matters. This year, it is expected to launch a total of 100 electronic license pilots to improve the efficiency of administrative approval services and enhance the sense of experience and the masses and enterprises. Gain a sense of convenience, let the people do things quickly and conveniently, and help enterprises resume work and resume production.