BB and Vitalik discuss the issue of decentralization, BB said "complete decentralization" is about who votes

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said on Twitter today that those who said "complete decentralization is superfluous, you only need non-custodial" did not grasp the point. He explained that completely decentralized (or "serverless") applications are valuable. This application gives users confidence because it is always there, and users can safely build on it. In response, CEO Brendan Blumer asked Vitalik in a comment: 1. How to define complete decentralization, where does it exist? 2. Will completely decentralized things change? 3. If yes, who will decide? 4. Does it have to be democratic? Are you rich and powerful? 5. How does the commission through the mining pool or super node affect this state? At the same time, BB also stated that in the way many people use the term "decentralization", the only feasible definition is a distributed database that cannot be changed or reviewed by any political party or group of political parties; In any current major blockchain. This is about who votes: miners, token holders or others.