BCH and BSV are halved, but it is not appropriate to optimistically estimate the spread effect

Subject to the strong resistance above $ 7,500, BTC entered a callback trend after a slight consolidation of $ 7,450 and stabilized above $ 7,000. Now the price has rebounded again below $ 7,400. OKEx analyst Neo believes that with the BTC bulls gradually shrinking after the trend exceeded 7000 US dollars, the stagnation of the currency price around 7500 US dollars is in line with expectations. The callback trend in the next few hours is still a bullish solution. It is worth noting that The trend gained support and rebounded at $ 7050, which means to a certain extent that most of the loss positions below $ 7,000 have already been lifted out of the market. The slump in mid-March has been largely digested, but it cannot be ruled out the possibility of the trend oscillating again and again around $ 7,000. Although there was a halving of other currencies this week, it failed to actually benefit BTC. The rebound in the currency price in the morning failed to reach a new high, and there was no sign of significant increase in trading volume. Investors need to pay attention to the continued support above $ 7,000 in the short term Sex and the kinetic energy at the height of innovation.

BCH and BSV rose by more than 6% and 14% on the day respectively. In view of the fact that the above two currencies have halved this week, it is not surprising that the main funds have greatly increased the price of the currency in the short term. However, from the trend point of view, BCH has Obstructed by the upper edge of the previous resistance zone of $ 280, if the position cannot be broken in the short term, the market will be halved or ended there. Otherwise, if it can break through the $ 280 and stabilize, the return of the currency price to the $ 300 mark will become a high probability event. Although BSV led the rise in mainstream currencies, but the short-term heavy volume is coming to an end, and it has already peaked. The upper 220-226 USD area is a strong resistance range. If the currency price can continue to be supported by 204 USD, there is still the possibility of a new high in the future market. Conversely, it may continue to fall below $ 200 and find a second support around $ 186. Risk warning: There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.