Babbitt Cloud Summit | The mountains, rivers and clouds, the colorful clouds fluttering, the evolutionary theory of mining circles!

What kind of rivers and lakes is mining?
With the ups and downs of the blockchain industry moving forward, both the mining methods, mining tools, and the people who lead the mining industry have experienced many changes
After going through many bulls and bears and seeing countless changes, why are the elders of the mining circle still stationed here? Are you looking for a new continent, or are you looking for glory and disgrace in your treasure?
The world is full of talents, how can mining companies evolve to defend the city? After ten years of time, the mountains and rivers and clouds, the mining industry is still evolving!
Caiyun Cover

【Time】 14:00, April 7

【Guest introduction】

Lu Lei, the founder of Caiyunbit

Co-founder of Li Mining Bitmain. Mining in 2012, in 2013 was responsible for the market and sales of ant mining machine. Joined Matrixport in 2019 and is responsible for customer service.

Marvel Capital founder Marvel Capital, early Bitcoin community participant. (Invited host)