A number of state-owned banks disclosed the 2019 annual report: How do major banks deploy blockchain?

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Editor's Note: The original title was "The Age of Smart Financial Services, and see how major state-owned banks lay out blockchain!" 》

Blockchain empowers the financial field, and has long been highly hopeful. At present, financial services are one of the industries with the most blockchain technology landing projects and the richest scenarios, such as supply chain finance, credit reporting and risk control. Today, 52cbdc summarized the trends and plans of these banks in the field of blockchain through the 2019 annual report disclosed from many state-owned banks!

Bank of China

According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by Bank of China, we have learned that:

In the Bank of China's overseas commercial banking business, BOC Hong Kong has applied big data and artificial intelligence in the fields of financial products, service processes, operation management, risk control, etc. in order to keep up with market development trends and demand changes in terms of digital transformation and financial technology innovation. , Blockchain and other innovative financial technologies, continuously improve service levels and customer experience. Promote new payment methods, expand diversified small-value high-frequency scenarios, further enrich the application of financial technology scenarios, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Co., Ltd., JD.com New Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and JSH Virtual Ventures Holdings Limited jointly funded the establishment of a virtual bank joint venture Livi VB Limited, and successfully obtained the banking license issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Provide customers with a unique banking service experience. In 2019, Bank of China also won the "Asian Banker" "Best Blockchain Project in China" (financial institution).

In terms of information technology construction and innovation of financial technology systems and mechanisms, Bank of China has actively promoted the construction of innovative R & D bases in the Xiong'an New Area, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, continued to carry out basic research on new technologies, and actively promoted 5G, Internet of Things, and block The application scenarios of new technologies such as chain. In terms of digital transformation in key business areas, Bank of China has deeply applied digital technology and achieved good results. It has also launched the first blockchain debt issuance project in the industry and launched the Bank's first fully-functional unmanned branch in the banking industry, "Bank of China 5G Smart + Living Pavilion.

In terms of planning for the outlook for 2020, Bank of China ’s annual report pointed out that it will accelerate business transformation and enhance customer marketing service capabilities. Adhere to customer-centricity, actively adapt to the trend of digital transformation, make full use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technologies, improve the application level of science and technology, innovate and optimize product systems, improve the construction of system architecture, promote the improvement of customer experience, and realize customer value and bank value A win-win situation.

In addition, when answering investor questions on the interactive platform, Bank of China stated that as of the end of November 2019, the business applications of Bank of China's blockchain technology are mainly concentrated in cross-border remittances, trade settlement, electronic wallets, digital bills, and collateral valuation , Public welfare and poverty alleviation, digital Xiong'an and other fields, has submitted a total of 37 patents to the State Intellectual Property Office.

China Construction Bank

According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by China Construction Bank, we have learned that:

In terms of serving the real economy and increasing innovation in cross-border financial services, China Construction Bank relies on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and big data to realize the first batch of direct connections with China ’s international trade single window, creating the first "cross-border fast" "Loan" series of products, the first to build a blockchain trade finance platform, and deploy domestic letters of credit, forfaiting, international factoring, refactoring, etc. on the platform, with a cumulative transaction value of more than 400 billion yuan. To provide services for the construction of the “Belt and Road”, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has deepened cross-border financial cooperation, helped domestic customers “go global”, “introduced” overseas customers, and improved the network layout of overseas institutions.

In order to help social development and further release the effectiveness of financial technology, China Construction Bank actively promotes the construction of fintech basic platforms such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. Internally create a collaborative and evolutionary smart finance to promote the improvement of digital operation and management capabilities. Build a new ecosystem of G, B, and C partners externally, and empower the outside world with the concept of open sharing. Build a smart government service platform, establish APP, PC terminal, branch STM, "CCB Yunongtong" and "five in one" service mode of government affairs hall.

In terms of bank deposit business, China Construction Bank's "migrant worker benefits" business uses new technologies such as blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things to effectively solve the problem of migrant workers' salary issuance. Use industry and commerce, taxation, credit reporting, transaction records and other full industry chain data analysis and model calculations to provide labor companies with special financing funds for the payment of migrant workers' wages; through the installation of electronic fences and face recognition through the Internet of Things, to ensure The object and amount of salary payment are true and accurate; the next-generation core system is applied to realize the closed operation of the entire process of salary payment, and the special financing funds are directly and accurately paid to the bank card of migrant workers, so as to ensure the source of funds and ensure the management of the salary. The path is fully regulated.

Agricultural Bank of China

According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by the Agricultural Bank of China, we have learned that:

In terms of fintech innovation, the application of blockchain technology, Agricultural Bank of China landed the first domestic pension alliance chain, and cooperated with Taiping Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. to launch the pension blockchain application system, and the business processing time was shortened from 12 days to 3 days. Launched the online supply chain financing product "e-Account Connect" based on blockchain technology to provide the entire process of issuance, splitting, transfer, factoring financing, due payment and other receivables for core supply chain enterprises and suppliers Online financial services.


According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, we have learned that:

In terms of fintech innovation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China set up a fintech research institute, set up multiple laboratories such as 5G and blockchain, and explored an integrated R & D model of "production , education, research and use" to integrate and enhance the power of scientific and technological innovation. The bank's heavy-launched smart banking ecosystem ECOS1.0, which showcased the financial technology innovation achievements of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

The system is the construction of a batch of new technology platforms by ICBC through the overall layout of major new technology areas such as cloud computing, big data, and blockchain, to vigorously promote the application of emerging technologies and business integration, and form a leading enterprise-level technology in the industry Capabilities and business application capabilities. For example, the bank's blockchain platform has achieved the first in the industry to pass the authority certification of the blockchain of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the first to complete the filing of the Internet Information Office. Not only that, the bank also won many honors including "The Top Ten Blockchain Application Innovation Awards" in "The Banker" (China).

In terms of building a financial ecosystem and building smart government affairs, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Xiong'an New District Management Committee jointly released the "Blockchain Platform for Requisition and Demolition Fund Management".

In terms of channel construction-outlet optimization, ICBC has further promoted outlet smart transformation, fully applied cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence to enrich livelihood service scenarios, and strived to create a new generation of intelligent bank outlets to provide customers with more efficient , More convenient and smarter financial services. As of the end of 2019, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has completed 15684 intelligent transformation outlets, 79555 intelligent devices, and intelligent services covering 287 businesses in the personal and corporate fields.

In terms of leading the intelligent transformation and upgrading of outlets, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China released a new generation of smart bank flagship stores in Beijing during the reporting period. The outlet is based on the overall idea of ​​the integration of "finance + technology + ecology". 54 cutting-edge technologies, such as chain, create a more technological, futuristic, and more intelligent forward-looking financial service experience for customers, promote the integration of finance, technology, and ecology, and create "technology-driven, service collaboration, scene link, ecology "Integrated" new generation of smart outlets, implement smart hall management, smart business management, smart marketing services and smart risk control to further improve service quality and efficiency.

Bank of Communications

According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by Bank of Communications, we have learned that:

In terms of technology-enabled business innovation, Bank of Communications has adopted blockchain technology in asset securitization, industrial chain finance, domestic letter of credit, Forfaiting and other businesses to achieve traceability of the entire process of business processing and improve data utilization efficiency And other purposes.

In 2019, Bank of Communications also established the Bank of Communications Laboratory to provide incubation support for blockchain, big data, 5G and other R & D projects. Some R & D results have demonstrated the effectiveness of technological empowerment. For example, in order to accelerate the digital transformation, Bank of Communications has integrated big data, mobile internet, blockchain and other technologies with banking services to improve the level of digital and intelligent services. At the same time, the Bank of Communications has also implemented and released the first single blockchain technology-enabled green asset-backed bills and other innovative products .

In terms of the application of blockchain technology, "chain blending" is the industry's first blockchain asset securitization platform launched by Bank of Communications. It uses the alliance chain as a link to connect the capital end and asset end, providing asset securitization products from the issuance period to the duration The full life cycle management function of the company realizes the credit penetration of the business chain. "Chain Exchange" has issued 8 asset-backed securities with an issued amount of nearly RMB 100 billion; issued 4 asset-backed notes with an issued amount of RMB 3.1 billion. The "Chain Integration" platform won the " Top Ten Blockchain Innovation Application Awards " by The Banker magazine in 2019.

In addition, Bank of Communications also actively participated in the People's Bank of China Trade Finance Blockchain platform, exploring solutions for cross-border business scenarios in trade finance; joined the China Banking Association "China Trade Finance Cross-Border Transaction Blockchain Platform" and jointly implemented with ICBC The first Forfaiting asset transfer business on the platform.

China Postal Savings Bank

According to the 2019 annual report disclosed by China Postal Savings Bank, we have learned that:

In terms of financial technology innovation, China Postal Savings Bank has expanded the application scope of blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc., and completed the production and promotion of centralized authorized robots and other systems. Its U-chain Forfeiting business system was launched and completed the first cross-chain transaction. At the same time, in order to support the next application scenario expansion and cross-chain docking, China Postal Savings Bank continued to strengthen the construction of blockchain technology platform.

In terms of deepening IT governance and strengthening technology empowerment, China Postal Savings Bank has given a special salary encouragement policy for technology lines, selected leading talents in 9 professional fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain to fully stimulate technology Team officers are motivated and creative.

From the layout and application of the above-mentioned major state-owned banks in the blockchain field, we can see that all major state-owned banks hope to realize the intelligent upgrade of the banking system and enrich the livelihood services by integrating blockchain technology with banking business Scenarios to improve business efficiency and financial service quality, thereby achieving a win-win situation for customer value and bank value.

Based on this, major banks have also invested heavily in technology investment to realize the rapid development of banks in the field of technology and effectively promote the perfect combination of finance and technology! In the future, the degree of integration between the financial sector and blockchain technology will continue to deepen, and the era of smart financial services is coming!