Stellar developers provide payment solutions for users who forget to fill in the memo ID

According to Newslogical reports, the Stellar Foundation believes that the exchange's memo (memo) data clause is a major problem. When users forget their memo ID, it will prevent them from executing transactions, so they provide a payment solution for the exchange. It is reported that the memorandum can be used on the Stellar network to support the exchange's Stellar account. Exchanges such as CoinBene, Coinbase, and Binance provide each user with a unique memo ID. When paying in an account on the Stellar network, this memo ID is required to be successfully credited to the account. And users often forget to fill in memos in deposit transactions. Transactions lacking memos may result in loss of funds and require manual operations by escrow support staff. Stellar developers said that there is now a simple solution to the "I forgot my memo" problem: Exchanges and wallets can request receipt of Stellar payment memos by setting a flag on their account, with a few clicks or It can be done in a few lines of code. SEP-29 introduces a basic convention that allows memo requirements to be defined at the account level. "Using data entry, the exchange can mark its account as requiring a memo with a simple operation. Wallets upgraded to the latest Stellar SDK will refuse users to send non-memo payments to these addresses."