Jiang Zhuoer: The halving market will start after BTC halving, and BCH will suffer a joint effect

According to Wu's blockchain news, BCH ushered in its first halving. The BCH community organized a live broadcast. Jiangzhuoer, the founder of the Lebit mining pool, said in the live broadcast: 1. The halving is not a news good, and It is a continuous good; 2. Because BTC occupies most of the market share, the halving market will be opened after BTC is halved, and BCH will be affected by a joint effect; 3. The epidemic is a huge positive for cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin is to counter the government ’s banknote Birth, when the government opens the gate to release water in the context of the epidemic, the value of cryptocurrency is more obvious; 4. The advantage of BCH is that the degree of decentralization is between BTC and BSV; 5. It is recommended to buy S19 mining machine for mining, after halving Mining power mining machine, this best mining machine can dig more bitcoins at low cost.