Wu Jihan: The key to BCH is to build an ecosystem to welcome Tether to issue USDT on the BCH network

According to the "Wu Sao Blockchain" news from the media, after the first halving of BCH, Bitmain founder Wu Jihan said in a live broadcast of the BCH community: 1. The epidemic has different impacts on cryptocurrencies, the government opens the gate and releases hot money Will flood the cryptocurrency industry. However, finance is built on the real economy. If the epidemic continues, the real economy is weak, and factories and transportation cannot be started, it will also affect the financial industry, including cryptocurrencies. 2. The most important key of BCH is to establish an ecosystem. How many people can use BCH and stay in this ecosystem depends on how many users will be in the next 3 to 4 years. On the eve of the big explosion of cryptocurrency Make good technical and ecological reserves. 3. Appreciate the value of Defi, but hope not to do too radically, but to focus on the current technology roadmap. 4. Highly recognize and welcome Tether to issue USDT on the BCH network, which will allow the BCH ecosystem to have more users. 5. Re-emphasize the similarities and differences between BTC and BCH. BTC focuses on storing value, while BCH focuses on payment and applications.