China Life Insurance: Using blockchain technology to help targeted poverty alleviation

On April 8th, Xinhua published an article "Poverty Alleviation Helping Farmers A New Way Out, China Life Blockchain Promotes Accurate Poverty Alleviation and Upgrading". The article points out that China Life actively explores the “financial poverty alleviation insurance first” model, uses blockchain + poverty alleviation as a means, and uses the insurance mechanism to link social poverty alleviation forces to benefit poor families, thus forming a set of transparent and efficient blockchain poverty alleviation mode. Blockchain technology has turned the "top beam" project into a "public account book". By using the blockchain technology framework to achieve real-time connection of underwriting data, all projects including donors, public welfare institutions, insurance companies, and insured persons are realized. Participants, together "bookkeeping" and supervision, no one can tamper with the accounts.