Ali & ’s blockchain war, Jack Ma: 100 billion is not enough, I will invest 200 billion

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Open up new battlefields in subtle places.

In the second half of the Internet, many pseudo-propositions have been verified, ranging from the revision of an industry, such as unmanned shelves, to the development trend of the entire industry, such as consumption upgrades.

But the e-commerce company in the head still works in some subtle places. These details have actually exploded with great potential.

Today, the nuance is blockchain.

Let's talk about the blockchain war between JD and Ali.

"Hurry up, and you will be online tonight."

In 2018, there is more than one and a half years before the speech of 1024. The bubble of digital currency is going from a bull to a bear. Many people still know nothing about blockchain, and even generally regard it as a "scam" "bubble".

Jingdong Mathematics has a program ape named Liu Bo, who is from Hunan. He joined the company at the beginning of 17 years, and did blockchain development for two years before that.

Throughout the first quarter, Liu Bo did not leave the Jingdong Building earlier than 1 day. The pressure on the entire team was very great. At the end of March, it was the Deadline of the Jingdong Mathematics team at that time. The scheme architecture of the chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, this architecture is not comparable to many empty "solutions", it must be able to truly achieve anti-counterfeiting. This framework will be written into JD's blockchain white paper.

The time is set at the end of March.

In the rumors of, Ali will launch their authentic traceability solution in April, which is also based on the blockchain, so Liu Qiangdong patted the table.

"Let's get it before Ali."

The use of blockchain to trace the source has always been conclusive, but the difficulty is how to achieve it through technology, including on-chain, including training the user's awareness of scanning codes, including the hash value of the QR code, including the corresponding on-chain Information.

In the first half of 2017, Yanghe found and said there was a cooperation. The "Dream Blue" of Yanghe takes the route of high-end liquor. Online marketing is one of the important sales channels. However, how to ensure that this bottle of wine is true, not fake, is sold online by consumers. liqueur.

Yanghe hopes that can come up with a solution.

Liu Bo ’s team finally thought of a way to use the blockchain to make an “identity card” for each bottle of wine. Simply put, it is to chain the whole process of wine brewing, and then correspond to a hash value of each bottle of wine. QR code or label, scan code is authentication.

At that time, had just set up an alliance chain with UnionPay, and it was bursting with confidence in the blockchain technology. It coincided with Yanghe. This led to the "Dream Blue" of the later blockchain certification: use the JD APP to scan and paste it The RFID anti-counterfeiting label at the seal of the packaging box, the origin of the bottle, brewing time, production date, storage time, etc. are displayed.

In JD's view, this is a game that can be copied and mass-produced on a large scale, which can increase reliability and sales.

Jingdong started, Ali was not too late.

After the cooperation between Jingdong and Mengzhilan, Ali quickly found a partner and did the same thing. In September, Ali and Moutai announced a cooperation to promote blockchain technology to crack down on counterfeit code, but Maotai's anti-counterfeiting code needs to be used. Taobao's APP to scan the code.

On November 24, 2017, Tmall International announced the upgrade of the global origin traceability plan, which will cover 63 countries and regions, 3,700 categories and 14,500 overseas brands in the future.

The huge ambitions conquered the market, and also put a lot of pressure on This department, which has high expectations from, bears all the pressure to face the Alibaba blockchain system. To catch up with Ali, it is a very difficult thing in itself. In 2015, the other party has already laid out the blockchain, and will not put the blockchain on the agenda until the end of 2016.

"100 billion is not enough, we will invest 200 billion"

In 2020, when I was drinking with Liu Bo, he told me that during the 17-18 years, Ali and's blockchain war was still remembered.

"It's too fast, one idea per day, one plan per day. I buzzed a word in my head at that time, and lay Ali."

In fact, the initial wrestling is in the field of public welfare.

On December 23, 2016, the Alipay love donation platform under Ant Financial Services, the first blockchain public welfare project was launched.

The first product of ’s blockchain, “Warm East”, ’s financial charity fundraising platform for the Internet, did not arrive until February 2017.

3 months slower. But 2016 is the beginning stage of's blockchain. This protracted war has really started, and it should be regarded as a financial start.

In August 2017, JD Finance cooperated with Jianyuan Capital, China Integrity Certification and Evaluation, and China Credit Integrity Credit Reporting to issue a single ABS project for automobile financing leasing based on blockchain technology.

Ali was unable to sit up immediately. On October 11, 2017, Ant Financial ’s CTO Cheng Li first disclosed the future technology layout at the Ant Financial Financial Technology Opening Summit – “BASIC” strategy, where B corresponds to It is Blockchain.

Here, Ali has just released a big move to trace the origin of the world with 63 countries and regions around the world. jumped out there immediately, indicating that, UnionPay, Wanda, China Merchants Bank, the four-party alliance chain business application maturity verification Finish.

In the middle of 2018, Ma Yungang said: "For the combination of intelligent logistics and blockchain technology, if 100 billion is not enough, we will invest 200 billion!"

Liu Qiangdong immediately took his brother to speak: " needs to use blockchain and other black technologies to recreate the entire retail industry."

The cooperation with Yanghe made very proud. In the game of high-end liquor traceability, ’s dream blue was half a year earlier than Tmall ’s Maotai. The sound volume and momentum were greater. The leader of the Liu Bo team immediately confirmed. One step ahead of Ali.

On April 13, Alibaba Cloud released a new blockchain solution to support Tmall luxury platform Luxury Pavilion to launch the world's first genuine traceability function based on blockchain technology.

And 20 days ago, released JD's blockchain white paper in advance.

Behind the white paper, Liu Bo and his colleagues have not rested for 19 consecutive days.

"I didn't wash my hair in 19 days, just for that white paper, do you know how many plans we have to do, 2 a day, others are one plan a week, we have 2 a day."

"Through the blockchain, our repurchase rate has increased by 47.5%"

In the early days, and Ali both saw the potential of blockchain.

In other words, the meaning of blockchain technology for e-commerce.

People who are familiar with blockchain naturally understand that if you do n’t understand it, you can think of blockchain as a network system that cannot be broken by hackers. The above data is all true and open, and no one can tamper with it, so it has a strong endorsement ability and Notary ability.

In other words, if you send a circle of friends on the blockchain, this circle of friends will be recorded on the chain, and you cannot delete or change it.

This function is naturally very tasteless for your circle of friends, but it has a high value for what you buy, and it can be counterfeit-proof.

We can put many, many things on the chain, such as Moutai wine, such as the formula and production date of milk powder, such as the origin of the fruit, such as the official certification of Apple, and the merchants put this data on the chain, which is equivalent to the entire network. The authenticity of this product is broadcasted. What you buy, with blockchain certification, is true, not fake.

In April 2020, provided the results of the blockchain campaign. By measuring and inspecting 97 retrospective SKUs in four categories and 398 corresponding SKUs corresponding to it, confirmed that the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability service The positive impact of product sales and brand repurchase rate,

On the entire Jingdong platform, after the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability service was launched, the sales of nutritional health care and maternal and infant milk powder products increased by 29.4% and 10.0%, respectively; Haisheng Fresh, nutrition and health care, maternal and infant milk powder and beauty The repurchase rates of skin care products have increased by 47.5%, 44.8%, 6.8% and 5.2%, respectively.

For the magnitude of Jingdong, the 47.5% increase in the repurchase rate is a very terrible data.

"The maturity of the blockchain is still very early"

2020 may be a big year for blockchain.

Let's take a look at the policy in the first quarter of this year:

1. Guizhou Province releases 4 blockchain local standards including the "Blockchain Application Guide"

2. Hunan focuses on implementing "Blockchain Integrated Application Engineering"

3. Document No. 1 of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee: Promoting the Cooperative Development of Strong Chains in the Industry

4. Sixth Plenary Session of the 13th Chengdu: Accelerate the development of blockchain and other industries

5. Xiong'an New District builds a blockchain-based charity donation management traceability platform to empower epidemic prevention donations

6. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Create a trusted blockchain innovation collaboration platform

7. Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai and other places launched the blockchain epidemic situation and resumption platform

From last year's 1024 speech, the central government supported blockchain. As of March, in just five months, China's provinces and cities have issued more than 130 blockchain support policies.

On April 3, the People ’s Bank of China held a 2020 national telecom conference on currency, gold, silver and security work in Beijing. This conference gave a core message: we must unswervingly advance the research and development of legal digital currency .

It can be seen that blockchain is the general trend.

However, this is still a very early, very early, very early industry, still in its infancy, just like the Internet in 2000, the mobile Internet in 2013.

For example, the aforementioned blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability source can only stay on the brand side to upload information on the chain. In essence, it is the same as the Internet era. You take the anti-counterfeiting code to the official website to identify it. If the brand is falsified, or if someone with a heart keeps the QR code, and replaces the real wine with fake wine, and does not change the packaging, you still can't know whether this bottle of Jingdong blockchain traces the dream blue or Tmall traceability Maotai is true or false.

Blockchain is still very early.

A new batch of unicorns will be born at each outlet, Tencent in the Internet era, Meituan in the mobile Internet era, and the next Ali, the next Didi, and the next Huawei in the blockchain era.

It is our generation.

"The battle is not over yet. The blockchain is very big and we have to go step by step. No one can eat a fat one bite at a time." Liu Bo killed the last glass of wine and went home drunk, he will have to continue building blocks tomorrow Chain network.

This is a long and huge project.

Will shape the pattern of the next decade.