Central Bank Xi’an Baggage Division Learning: Using big data, blockchain and other scientific and technological means to improve the quality and efficiency of information resource sharing

According to the official account of China Finance, Li Xuewu, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China Xi'an Branch, published an analysis article titled "The Path of Grassroots Central Banks Performing Macro-prudential Responsibilities" in the seventh issue of 2020. The prudential policy has many contents and a wide scope. In order to ensure that the macro-prudential policy is implemented at the grassroots level, it is imperative to establish a corresponding guarantee mechanism in the aspects of regulatory coordination mechanism, institutional setting, and personnel allocation. He pointed out that the micro-financial supervision department needs to actively cooperate with the grassroots central bank to implement macro-prudential supervision, provide on-site and off-site supervision data and information in time, and promote the timely and comprehensive sharing of macro-prudential supervision information and micro-prudential supervision information. Make full use of scientific and technological means such as big data and blockchain to establish a macro-prudential management shared database to improve the quality and efficiency of information resource sharing.