Live Broadcasting | CEO of Yuen Chain: MOV is a "Decentralized Value Exchange Ecosystem"

On the afternoon of April 9th, in the live video of "Conversation with MOV: How to Move from Open Application to Open Ecology?", Bingyuan CEO Lang Yu answered the true meaning of MOV for the community. He said that just understanding MOV as DEX or stablecoin is a lower dimension, and MOV is actually a "decentralized value exchange ecosystem". Specifically, "decentralization" can understand that assets are controlled by private keys, and assets are controlled by themselves; "value exchange" refers to conditional or intelligently programmable transactions, which are different from the completion of transactions after exchange price matching. More conditions can be set, such as time, participant qualifications, participation in asset limits, etc .; "ecosystem" is a platform that is maintained by users, federation nodes, and consensus nodes and never stops after operation. Live link: