Analysis shows that the short to medium-term trend is still in a pattern of more than one, you need to pay attention to the 7100 first-line support

According to the OKEx quarterly contract data, BTC has temporarily stood above 7000 since it broke the 7000 key resistance level again on April 6, but then did not hold high, but narrowed the consolidation in the 7100-7500 area. OKEx analyst Charles believes that from the perspective of the objective trend structure, the medium-term trend represented by the 4-hour level and the short-term trend represented by the 1-hour level are still in the characteristics of rising peaks and troughs, that is to say, the short-term trends are more pattern. For short- and medium-term operations, you should take the principle of giving priority to air and supplementing air.

However, looking at the trend over the past more than half a month, it can be found that the rising rhythm is basically "advance two retreat one" or even "advance three retreat two." . Buying should be done more with callback and low-absorption methods to reduce the risk of buying at a high point in the stage. The short-term support is focused on the 7100 first-line. If the callback shows that there is a clear sign of stopping the decline near the price, it may be another opportunity for low suction. If the price is broken by heavy volume, the short-term adjustment probability will continue to increase, and risk avoidance measures shall be taken in time.