Than original MOV and Cobo wallet to create a new ecology of cross-chain value exchange

Recently, Cobo Wallet announced that it will become a federal node of the MOV decentralized cross-chain value exchange protocol, participate in the decentralized governance of the OFMF open gateway, and jointly build a de-trusted cross-chain and asset custody system.

Because of its rich asset management experience, professional technology development capabilities and deep brand influence, Cobo will serve as one of the federal nodes of MOV and is responsible for managing cross-chain gateways. The Open Gateway Management Architecture (OFMF) is one of the characteristics of MOV. The core is to build a trustless secure asset custody system. This is a new type of joint asset custody model or collaborative service brought about by the gradually prosperous cross-chain asset collaboration needs. .

It is reported that MOV is a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol created by the original team, which was officially launched on March 30. MOV introduces the concept of transfer or transaction, which will fundamentally subvert the definition of a decentralized transaction protocol, and then blur the boundaries between exchanges and wallets, the boundaries between on-site and off-site, and between transactions and transfers. MOV implements the asset cross-chain and exchange functions of BTM, USDT, and ETH. Users can use one-click assets to enter MOV through Bapp, and trade on the chain through magnetic contract and flash exchange function, thereby achieving efficient value circulation. For more details, please visit: