Live Broadcast | Chang Cheng reveals the 4-step plan after the MOV cross-chain value transfer agreement goes live

On the afternoon of April 9th, in the live video of "Conversation MOV: How to Move from Open Application to Open Ecology?", Bianyuan and Babbitt founder Chang Chui answered the MOV cross-chain value transfer agreement after it was launched The plan includes the following four steps:

Step 1: MOV will soon access more cross-chain assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT and other dozens of digital assets, a total of 45 trading pairs, forming a preliminary ecology;

Step 2: Launch the loop algorithm, users can become two roles, one role is to participate in transactions, it is convenient to realize asset exchange through cross-border; the other is to provide liquidity, that is to say, users deposit reserve assets, Enjoy the sharing of the commission exchange fee. Unlike Synthetix, MOV is aimed at stable currency assets and synthetic assets, which can well avoid the problem of impossible triangle of monetary policy;

Step 3: We will launch our own stable financial system. Compared with MakerDAO, we support more mainstream multi-asset mortgages, and we will calculate and adjust the stability fee through a very sophisticated financial model;

Step 4: We will upgrade the main network of the original chain, the division of labor between the main and side chains is very clear, the main chain is responsible for asset issuance, and the side chain ensures transaction efficiency. We saw a very good scenario on the mainnet of asset on-chain, that is, mortgage-like synthetic assets. It is not issuing air, but a mapping of some real assets in reality.

When MOV realizes these four steps, it has formed a relatively perfect closed loop, which can provide a very rich development tool and a liquidity foundation for the DeFi ecosystem. Live link: