Crypto trader recruitment report: 23% of people have experienced more than 10 positions

The crypto trader recruitment report (based on 3328 feedback) released by the securities industry asset management partner "Pento Speculation Road" shows:

1. According to the occupational background information submitted by applicants, the number of freelancers is the largest, accounting for 32%, followed by the Internet 19.5% and the financial industry 16.5%. Applicants from state-owned enterprises and institutions with good economic strength add up to less than 10%. Students accounted for only 8.5%. Only 7.3% of the applicants are professional traders (244), and more than 50% only use the crypto industry as an amateur investment channel. About 30% of the applicants are semi-professional traders;

2. From the perspective of applicants ’assets, 42.4% of people ’s assets are below 0.5 BTC (25,000 yuan), and 46.3% of their assets are between 0.5 BTC and 5 BTC, which means that nearly 90% of applicants are in the crypto circle Assets are less than 5 BTC (250,000 yuan), and only 11% of people have assets above 5 BTC. 52.5% of the applicants have only 1 to 3 years of trading experience, and "old leeks" with more than 3 years account for less than 14%. According to the data on the number of times of liquidation, nearly 23% of applicants have experienced more than 10 liquidation;

3. Less than 20% of people choose to leverage more than 10 times. The level of leverage used by traders is relatively balanced, and the number of applicants for actual leverage is 1-3 times, 3-5 times, and 5-10 times. Intraday trading and swing trading dominate the mainstream, with more than 80% of applicants choosing these two trading styles. BTC + 0.33%