Founder of Crypto Oracle: During the new crown epidemic, DeFi may play an important role

According to AMBCrypto report, in order to respond to the current crisis in the traditional market, the US government recently proposed a 2.2 trillion US dollar stock market bailout plan, which highlights the centralizing power of the traditional financial system. However, the report pointed out that there are logistics problems in the distribution of these wealth, which is also the source of low management efficiency. Lou Kerner, founder of Crypto Oracle, talked about this issue in an interview with BlockTV recently. He believes that DeFi can play a major role in the context of market volatility: "If DeFi expands, if it becomes easier, in the DeFi field Some applications may have the opportunity to attract more users. "He pointed out that the growth of DeFi will enable users to circumvent government bans or restrictions, and will have significant transparency. According to the current stimulus plan, if the integration of blockchain technology is widespread in the current system, and DeFi can enter the market after the outbreak, then the distribution will be much faster.