The Secret History of Bitcoin: Bitcoin and Space Travel

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What can Bitcoin be used for? Buying computers, paying rent, paying electricity bills, paying for games … In addition to these daily payment methods, Virgin Galactic told us that Bitcoin can also send you to heaven.

Richard Branson, the founder of this commercial airline, expressed his love for BTC in an interview with CNBC earlier, "Bitcoin has not been recognized by the government at present, but after some regulations are formulated, I hope that the future of Bitcoin The scope of use can be more extensive. Just like many people questioned whether Virgin Galactic could leave the ground a few years ago, Bitcoin will definitely shine more brightly in the future. "With this trust and recognition of Bitcoin , Richard has joined the Bitcoin investment army since 2013, and in the same year announced that his space travel plan will accept Bitcoin payments.

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson (Image source: Internet)

Although this plan is not a space travel in the true sense, it is just a flight around suborbit; but it also attracts many people who have dreams of space to sign up to participate. According to data released by Virgin Galactic, the company pre-sold hundreds of boat tickets at the end of 2013. Famous Hollywood movie stars Leonardo DiCapio, singers Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, etc. are on the passenger list. The flight attendant and the Winklevoss brothers mentioned in the previous story first used bitcoin to pay for the travel cost of $ 200,000 (the contract was 312.5 bitcoins at the time).

Image source: Internet

For everyone's enthusiasm for using Bitcoin to pay, Richard is happy to see that he said that many people who join the Bitcoin trend have a technological mind, and so are many of their future space passengers. We are happy to welcome more Bitcoin users to become future space passengers. Not only that, Richard has repeatedly suggested that people with spare funds buy Bitcoins in public. Until now, his view has remained unchanged; and further believes that every investor, institution or retail enterprise should make up 1% of the asset space for cryptocurrencies in its investment portfolio.

It is true that history proves that Richard ’s decision in 2013 was correct. The bitcoin fare they received was more than 30 times when its price peaked; even now the price has dropped significantly, the current bitcoin price is 2013 Ten times as many years. However, it is worth mentioning that these passengers who have long paid space travel expenses have not yet waited for Virgin Galactic to honor their promises and take them to heaven.

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