Kyber ecological report in March: multiple indicators hit new highs, USD and ETH users increased by more than 2 times

Kyber, the on-chain liquidity agreement, released its March ecological report today. The report shows that many of Kyber's indicators in March hit a record high. For the first time this year, the number of Kyber users has doubled, while the number of users for USD and ETH has more than tripled. This increase is partly due to the recent volatility in the crypto market. On March 13, Bitcoin prices plummeted by 40% in one day, but Kyber hit the highest daily transaction volume of $ 33.7 million in 24 hours. In the monthly transaction volume data, the high volatility of the market leads to an increase in transaction volume, especially for trading platforms such as KyberSwap, 1inch, and Paraswap that can be used for UIs. Kyber believes that this is mainly because traders use these trading platforms as a safe haven to escape high-risk ERC20s and ETH, bringing assets into stable assets with less volatility.

In addition, most of the transaction volume from non-kyberswap is still unclear about its true source (unless the owner of the payment receiving address informs us, otherwise its source cannot be known), but among the known transaction volume, the 1inch trading platform is It is the largest DApp integration on Kyber, accounting for 14.7% of all non-kyberswap DApps.