Jianan Yunzhi Announces Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report: Net Loss of US $ 148 Million

According to CoinDesk, the Chinese bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Jianan Yunzhi released the first unaudited profit report since it went public in the US in November last year. The report pointed out that the total hashrate of its sales was 10.5 EH / s, which accounted for about 20% of the growth of the hashrate of the Bitcoin network last year. The report also revealed that Jianan Yunzhi had a net loss of US $ 148.6 million in 2019 and revenue of US $ 204.3 million, reflecting a decline in profitability in the past three years. According to Tencent News, Zhang Nan Geng, chairman and CEO of Jianan, said in the earnings conference call that although the company's sales increased in October and November, due to fluctuations in Bitcoin prices, sales in December showed Down ".