Viewpoint: With the halving of BCH and BSV, the computing power of the two will start to shift to BTC

According to a Bitcoinist report, Arthur van Pelt of Dragon Industries said on Twitter that Bitcoin currently occupies 93.8% of the computing power. When the block reward of BCH is halved to 6.25 BCH, it only has 1.5% of the total computing power. As BSV will also be halved, its current 2.7% computing power ratio may further decline. This is a predictable scenario. The current price of Bitcoin has not even reached the breakeven point of many old miners such as Antminer S9.

Alejandro de la Torre, vice president of Poolin mining pool, said that BCH miners use the same algorithm as BTC and BSV miners, so the mining machines are also common. BCH computing power has fallen by half, and BTC computing power has increased (the increase in BSV computing power is almost negligible), which indicates that miners have turned to Bitcoin because it is more profitable to mine Bitcoin. Tuur Demeester, a Bitcoin supporter and founder of Adamant Capital, is also not optimistic about the prospect of BCH halving because it has "few users." Compared with BTC, it has fallen by 96%, and there are other problems, so he believes that it is time for BCH to face failure.