Report: DEX's first-quarter results rose about 20%, indicating that DEX will usher in 2020

Messari recently released a report evaluating the price performance of open finance in the first quarter of 2020. The four open financial types evaluated include decentralized exchanges (DEX), loans, forecast markets, and asset management. According to this report, despite the volatile market in March, DEX quarterly results are still the best in the industry's history. The DEX rate of return is higher than the historical average and the volume of transactions in the ecosystem. It also accelerated its growth before the end of 2019. Among all types, the loan department is the only one that has recorded negative returns. Finally, the forecast market and asset management rose 14.2% and 19.3%, respectively. If you also evaluate the growth of open finance in 2019, you can find that DEX has made a good start compared to last year. During 2019, DEX lost 32% overall. Therefore, its increase in the first quarter of 2020 is about 20%, which may indicate that DEX will usher in 2020. Collapse