Polish politicians oppose exemption from crypto transaction tax during epidemic

The Polish government has been accused of introducing legislation to mitigate the impact of coronavirus, which includes the suspension of a 1% civil law transaction tax (PCC) on cryptocurrency trading. Some opposition politicians criticized the government for saying that in addition to crypto traders, there are other organizations that need more urgent support now. It is reported that according to Article 23 of the new law recently passed by the lower house of the Polish Parliament, the sale and purchase of crypto assets will be added to the list of benefits that can be obtained from the PCC tax exemption. Before the coronavirus pandemic, legislation stipulated that the exemption would be removed from June 30, but the latest legislative measures will extend the exemption at least until the coronavirus is relieved. If this new law is passed by the Senate of the Polish House of Lords and then signed by the President, it will take effect. However, the resistance of politicians seems to have begun.