Mining Monthly Report: The market plunged and the computing power was lowered. Where should miners go?

In March, the crypto market experienced a diving market, and the total market value of crypto assets and the price of mainstream crypto tokens all plunged. Affected by this, the profitability of mining has recently declined compared with February, and the popularity of the mining industry has declined.

Affected by the general decline in the price of tokens and the date when the mainstream mining tokens will be cut, the overall network computing power this month has dropped significantly.

With the gradual arrival of the flood season, the electricity fee of the entire network has been lowered and the mining cost has declined. The prices of mining machines such as Ant S17 + series and Avalon 1066 series have dropped significantly, and the static return of mining machines has been shortened.

There are many types of products in the cloud computing power market, and various purchase forms. Among the mainstream cloud computing products, the BitDeer S19 Pro series has the highest net computing power per unit at the current BTC price.

In terms of mining hotspots, ETC and BCH ushered in production reductions; Panda Power, a technology-based comprehensive mining service company, received 30 million A round of financing; Antminer E3 may be eliminated, and it is expected that the computing power of the entire ETH network will be greatly reduced.

Tongtongtong Research launched a series of mining monthly reports, which show the current status and monthly changes of the mining market through data analysis. This report mainly includes the content of the token price, computing power, mining difficulty, mining machine market, mining pool computing power distribution, and cloud computing power market in the mining field.