26 million TRX stolen follow-up: wojak reversal refund; evidence begins to point to TSC developer Khanh

On May 6, DappReview issued a follow-up to the 26 million TRX theft. The main contents are as follows: 1. After disappearing at 9:00 on May 3, on May 5, wojak appeared again, claiming that “I am seeing you. After treating me as a liar instead of a developer, I don’t think I have any reason to return TRX to you." Wojak insists that what he has done is not illegal and does not indicate the possibility of a refund. Instead, he asks everyone to look for Tronbank to make a claim. 2. Through the analysis of the timeline, it can be concluded that the test version of the contract before Tronbank went online has no back door, but the final online version has a back door; TSC developer Khanh deployed the same on the day of the Tronbank beta release. The back door contract, and know the way the back door is called, and tested it on April 30th. In other words, the back door is not related to the TSC. As of press time, Tronbank has announced the completion of the collection of investment data on the chain, after the completion of the statistics will be issued according to the original plan to pay TRX. In addition, TSC developer Khanh has closed personal Twitter and Facebook.